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Who is a good candidate for LaserSculpt?

Who is a good candidate for LaserSculpt? - How LaserSculpt Works - Traditional vs Laser - FAQ's - LaserSculpt Safety

Anyone with stubborn areas of fat can benefit from LaserSculpt. This procedure offers superior results when compared to conventional liposuction with added benefits of skin tightening, less downtime and a lower cost.

“Patients must have realistic expectations in order to achieve satisfactory results from LaserSculpt.”

LaserSculpt is best designed for patients who are dedicated to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but have one or more problem areas that do not respond to natural weight-loss methods. LaserSculpt targets your problem areas and suctions out the fat, providing fast and effective results that can be permanent, as long as the patient maintains his or her weight and active and healthy lifestyle. It also tightens that loose sagging skin. In some patients this can be used as a “jump start” to losing weight.

Patients must have realistic expectations in order to achieve satisfactory results from LaserSculpt. This procedure removes localized areas of fat and cannot cure obesity or provide extreme weight loss solutions. It is effective for people who work hard to lose weight on their own, but may have stubborn problem areas such as the lower back, inner and outer thigh, waist, stomach and upper arms or other areas.  Also, with age we develop pockets of “hormonal fat” which we can not lose with diet or exercise, but with LaserSculpt this can be gone in one hour!  LaserSculpt can also help treat areas that conventional liposuction often cannot, such as the neck and jowls.

The ideal LaserSculpt patient is someone who:

  • Is in good general health
  • Exercises regularly
  • Has one or more areas of local fat deposits
  • Has tried to lose weight in these problem areas with poor results
  • Is within 25 pounds of their ideal weight
  • Will maintain the lost fat through diet and exercise
  • Is interested in a new lifestyle and not just surgery
  • Has pockets of “hormonal fat”

Certain pre-existing health conditions may put patients at a higher risk for complications with other cosmetic procedures, but many people are still eligible for LaserSculpt. However, LaserSculpt is not recommended for people with:

  • Diabetes
  • Liver problems
  • Blood disorders
  • Heart problems
  • Skin disorder
  • Kidney problems  


LaserSculpt is the only laser liposuction procedure using laser lipolysis devices cleared by the FDA. The system has been used successfully for nearly 10 years on tens of thousands of patients in other countries with little to no complications. Since its FDA clearance, Laser Body Sculpting has become known as a fast-growing, safer alternative to conventional liposuction. The doctors who perform the LaserSculpt procedure are specially trained through the manufacturer to use the equipment, and have previous liposuction experience as well. This offers all patients the safety and security of knowing their doctor is qualified to perform the procedure. The LaserSculpt Network of doctors always continues to share information and update the technique on a regular basis. The LaserSculpt Network is the best of the best and most talented laser lipolysis doctors.

Cost Effective

“Affordable-due to the fact it's done under local anesthesia it makes the cost affordable”

The cost of liposuction depends on the location being treated, but LaserSculpt can cost up to 30 percent less than a conventional procedure. For example, the average abdomen liposuction procedure costs about $6,500. The average LaserSculpt abdomen procedure costs about $4,000. Aside from its many other advantages, LaserSculpt also offers a more affordable solution for getting rid of troubling areas of fat.

LaserSculpt is a smart option for people who are interested in cosmetic procedures, but turned off by the high costs. These procedures are almost always performed for aesthetic reasons and are therefore not covered by insurance.

Minimal Downtime

Many patients undergoing a liposuction procedure understandably want to recover as quickly as possible, in order to return to their responsibilities at work and at home. LaserSculpt offers minimal downtime and post-operative care, allowing many patients to return to work the same day or after one or two days of rest. Conventional liposuction requires several days off from work to recover and compression bandages to help the treated area heal. Friends and coworkers of people who undergo LaserSculpt may not even notice that any procedure was performed, even during the brief recovery time.

It is important to review the benefits and risks of LaserSculpt on an individual basis with your doctor. If you are interested in LaserSculpt, schedule a consultation to see if you can benefit from this safe, affordable and minimally invasive procedure.

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