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How LaserSculpt Works

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LaserSculpt uses an FDA cleared laser lipolysis device to deliver specific laser energy to fat cells, causing them to rupture and liquefy. While conventional liposuction suctions out solid fat cells, causing pain and requiring long recovery times, Laser Lipolysis destroys the fat cells by melting them and then easily draining the liquid from the body. The heat generated by the laser energy will also tighten the skin.

Technology Used

The laser fiber is inserted into the skin through a very small cannula, or tube, which is approximately 1 to 2 millimeters in diameter. Laser energy is delivered through a high rep rate of 40 Hz using a 300 micron fiber. The cannula is moved back and forth to help thoroughly transmit the laser energy to the target area. The laser's aiming beam is visible through the skin, allowing your doctor to remove fat from your problem areas more accurately than with conventional liposuction.

When targeted fat cells rupture under the heat of the laser, they turn into a liquid that can be easily suctioned from the body. In conventional liposuction, solid fat cells are suctioned from the body, requiring the use of larger instruments and causing more pain during the procedure. The melted fat is sometimes reabsorbed into the body and does not require removal, although aspiration is usually recommended to shorten healing time and remove debris.

The heat from the laser also causes the surrounding tissue to coagulate, resulting in a tightening of the collagen and firming of the skin. Conventional liposuction often leaves loose, sagging skin after fat is removed, leaving patients with the need for further treatment.


The small cannula size of LaserSculpt eliminates the need for both general anesthesia and stitches. The LaserSculpt only requires the use of a local anesthetic to numb the area being treated. This reduces post-operation swelling and bruising, and speeds up recovery time as well. A light sedation may also be used. Keeping patients awake also helps your doctor achieve more accurate results by letting them communicate with the patient during the procedure. This usually results in more even and thorough fat removal. Stitches are not usually needed during this procedure because the small cannula can be inserted through a tiny incision. This helps reduce scarring as well.

While conventional liposuction can cause excessive bleeding, the laser energy from the LaserSculpt procedure causes blood vessels to coagulate and seal immediately, resulting in less bleeding, swelling and bruising, as well as faster healing and recovery. Compression garments to reduce bleeding and swelling are used after LaserSculpt.


After The Procedure

LaserSculpt is an outpatient procedure that can be performed in your doctor's office. Since general anesthesia is not required, patients can usually go home an hour after the procedure and return to work within one to two days. Some patients can even return to work the same day.

Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to take care of yourself after the procedure in order to ensure a quick and healthy recovery. This can include pain medication, compression bandages, rest and avoiding anti-inflammatory drugs and smoking. Minor bruising and swelling may occur, but usually subside after a few days. It is important to see your doctor for follow-up appointments to check for proper healing and effective results.

Full healing and results from LaserSculpt are usually visible within three months after the initial procedure. Patients can undergo a repeat procedure, but are advised to wait at least 4 months before doing so. The results of LaserSculpt can be permanent as long as patients maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise.

To learn more about the LaserSculpt procedure, schedule a consultation with your doctor and find out if this minimally invasive, advanced technology procedure is right for you.

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