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LaserSculpt Doctors

“It was the most popular searched for cosmetic procedure in 2010-source American Health and Beauty.”

LaserSculpt allows doctors to combine the science of advanced medical technology with the artistry of cosmetic body contouring. The simple, minimally invasive procedure removes fat and tightens skin, leaving patients with a slimmer, smoother appearance. LaserSculpt doctors possess the keen eye and technical skills that let them utilize the laser technology to its fullest potential, leaving patients with carefully trimmed, sculpted results, often with no need for further treatment.

Choosing a doctor is an important decision to make when considering any type of medical treatment. While certain procedures offer benefits over others, the work of your doctor will ultimately decide the outcome of your treatment. In many cases, there is no way to know how proficient your doctor's skills are, a factor that can greatly influence the outcome of your procedure.

The advanced laser technology used in the LaserSculpt procedure requires extensive knowledge and experience with laser lipolysis, as well as special training on the specific LaserSculpt equipment. Training is pe rformed by the manufacturer of the equipment or doctors who have been certified as instructors. This ensures that each and every LaserSculpt doctor is highly trained and certified to perform this advantageous procedure.

Because of their interest and experience in the field, many of our doctors are considered to be pioneers in laser technology. They are often the first or only doctor in their area to perform the LaserSculpt procedure and go on to train other doctors on how to use this technology. Patients are almost always satisfied with their results when the minimally invasive advantages of the LaserSculpt procedure are combined with the superior skill and experience of our doctors.