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The advantage certain patients have with LaserSculpt is the procedure's marvelous method of removing fat after many attempts of ridding the body of this non-responsive fat accumulation. LaserSculpt is often used to remove small areas of fat for those who may otherwise display a fit and toned body. The candidate for laser sculpting could be troubled by a slight double chin, mild protruding abdomen, love handles or saddle bags. The person dealing with a slight flaw associated with fat is sometimes driven to have it align with the rest of their body. This is to be expected. There are those whose bodies appear acceptable to most of us, yet they still want that"babe body" and seek after it to near perfection.

Of course this is not always the case. As shown in the photos, LaserSculpt can remove large regions of fat from areas such as the abdomen, hips, and the thighs. More and more patients are opting for this less invasive method of fat removal due to less pain and a faster, shorter recovery.

Here is a review of successful LaserSculpt fat removal with several patients.



The abdomen is the body area most frequently treated by LaserSculpt on a patient who has a protruding stomach and wants it flatter. A number of men and women have excess fat in either an upper or lower abdominal area, and some have both. Abdominal fat deposits are often extremely resistant. It is for this reason that people who diligently try to tone their bodies or diet become frustrated with a protruding abdomen. Fortunately, moderate amounts of abdominal fat respond well to LaserSculpt. Those fat cells are eliminated and will never return. Of course surrounding cells can increase in size (through overeating) and fill the space so a good lifestyle after LaserSculpt is important.

While taking out the fat in the abdomen, the surgeon must do upper and lower if there is to be a satisfactory result. The surgery, with some, can result in a "six pack" – also known as etching or high definition sculpting. If there is a six pack beneath the skin, this may be visualized after removing the excess tissue.


Love Handles (lateral waist)

Fatty deposits on the sides of the body just above the flanks are usually referred to as “love handles” or a “spare tire.” No matter what name you give it, it is still a layer of fat that is put on around the midsection, especially visible on the sides. Love handles are more common in men than women, because the torso is one of the first areas of fat build-up in the male body.

Love handles are resistant to dieting and exercise. People who carry excess weight around their midsections know that it can be extremely challenging to get rid of that "spare tire," even with the most diligent regimen of sit-ups and dieting. For this reason, LaserSculpt is a popular option for eliminating love handles.

This fat removal by laser can be effective with some women who have gained fat in the flanks due to child birth or have a genetic issue. It is possible to regain those feminine curves in the waist with the laser and aggressive body sculpting.

Flanks (from side to spine)

Above the belt line and along the sides and back are the flanks. LaserSculpt can reduce these fat bulges that are flanks that often protrude from a normally cinched belt. With Smartlipo applied to women it is possible to  remove the fat located just under the bra line and along the sides and back.

Most often LaserSculpt of the flanks is done under local anesthetic. This helps the surgeon when it is necessary for the patient to roll over on the side and back. It is generally not recommended to turn the patient under general anesthesia. Movement of this sort can disrupt placement of the breathing tube.

Under bra area in women and back bulges in men tend to be unsightly with visible rolls. With LaserSculpt, removal of fat in these areas of the body is relatively easy as is the front of the axilla or armpits.

Patients are pleased with the immediate results of the melting away of fat with LaserSculpt applied to the flanks.

Jowls and Neck

The Jowls are located on both sides of the jawbone or mandible below the corners of the mouth. The neck and chin are usually done together to get rid of the neck fullness that is easily visible from a side view of the patient. This procedure better defines the separation of the neck from the chin and gives a horizontal flatness that is more appealing and looks more defined. The results are similar to those of  a neck and face lift operation.



Hips and Saddlebags

LaserSculpt is especially effective with  protruding hips. Females tend to have more fat accumulation on the hips than men. Women retain fat along the hips even when they are clearly not overweight. Curvy hips are a hallmark of pleasing appearance on women, but so-called saddlebags are not welcome.

The saddlebag area is a very common area for increased fat in women. LaserSculpt is generally successful in creating a more contoured figure on women who have a slight amount of protruding fat with the saddlebags. The procedure also tightens the skin so there is no sagging skin. This procedure may be performed with a local anesthesia and makes for extremely happy patients. When a markedly visible deformity that prevents women from wearing pants or a bathing suit or jeans is corrected, it allows them to return to a more flexible wardrobe.


Conturing Around the Buttocks

While men gain weight around the waist, women tend to have an increase of fat around the buttocks. Reshaping this area with the LaserSculpt can offer a gratifying result with many women.

Fat removal is best obtained in this area in a picture frame fashion. Usually avoiding any drastic removal of fat in the central buttocks area and any cellulite or abdominal contour can be improved by smoothing techniques with minimal fat removal.

Removal of the bulk of the large buttocks tissue is done by removing the fat from the flank/hip area, the outside lateral thigh and then removing the banana area to keep the central buttocks curved shape and to carve out the central portion and avoid a buttocks drop and loss of the general round shape and contour.

One issue is usually the sacral fat pad that bulges with fatty tissue or the flabby creases at the lower area of the buttocks often referred to as the "banana" shape. This is one of the more difficult areas to obtain sculpted results.

These areas can become unsightly with excess fat. There is also the horizontal plane of the buttocks that many want more defined.

Upper Arms

This is one of the most challenging areas of LaserSculpt. The thin skin and possible extreme laxity of the tissue makes obtaining a good result more difficult.

Flabby arms are known as “Bingo Arms” and can see some improvement but the best results are obtained when the patient has good skin to tighten.


Male Breasts

While sculpting the fat with LaserSculpt , the fat and breast tissue beneath the areola (brown skin around the nipple) is melted with attention to the amount of fat remaining to give a full, pleasing appearance. The amount of breast tissue remaining after treating gynecomastia with laser lipolysis is minimal, though it is one of the most difficult procedures of fat removal due to the combination of fat and tissue.


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