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LaserSculpt Safety

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“LaserSculpt offers exceptional results that are often more defined than traditional liposuction, with an even smaller risk of side effects and complications.”

Many people considering cosmetic treatment to improve their physical appearance are faced with weighing the benefits of the treatment with its potential safety concerns. Safety is a major issue involved in any type of medical treatment and is often dependent upon personal factors such as a patient's age, overall health and medical history.

Certain risk factors can be reduced by choosing a safe, reputable procedure with few associated risks.  Fortunately, developing technology helps create minimally invasive procedures with a drastically reduced risk of complications that offer patients a more confident, secure approach to cosmetic treatment.

LaserSculpt offers exceptional results that are often more defined than traditional liposuction, with an even smaller risk of side effects and complications. The minimally invasive technique of LaserSculpt leaves patients with little need to worry about complications with this procedure through the use of laser energy, small incisions and experienced doctors.

LaserSculpt is the only laser lipolysis procedure using FDA cleared laser lipolysis devices, offering patients an additional sense of security when considering their cosmetic treatment options. FDA clearance means that this procedure has been tested and proven as a safe, effective procedure with no serious risks. In fact, no serious, life-threatening complications have ever occurred as a result of a LaserSculpt procedure. The procedure has been performed thousands of times across the world before being brought to the US in 2005. The network of LaserSculpt doctors have performed thousands of procedures and have the best training and the most experience. They have set the “gold standard” of laser fat removal and skin tightening!

Some of the features that help improve the safety of the LaserSculpt procedure include:

Small Incisions

The small cannula, or tube, used during the LaserSculpt procedure requires tiny incisions that minimize blood loss and eliminate the need for stitches or sutures. The incision will close on its own and fully heal within a few months. This reduces the risk of infection that is present with any surgical procedure, and also reduces swelling and bruising that often occurs at incision sites. Recovery time is also quicker because of the less invasive incision.

Laser Energy

LaserSculpt uses high-powered laser energy delivered directly to the targeted area to melt away fat and create smooth, sculpted results. Laser energy is much safer and less invasive than traditional liposuction techniques, which involve suctioning out solid fat. The traditional procedure can be painful and does not offer doctors the precision they need for this type of procedure. The laser used in the LaserSculpt procedure is visible under the skin during the procedure, allowing doctors to see where the energy will be delivered, ensuring accuracy and reducing the risk of any potential complications.

Local Anesthetic

Because of the minimally invasive nature of LaserSculpt, general anesthesia is not required. Most patients experience little to no pain under a local anesthetic, eliminating the risks typically associated with general anesthesia such as respiratory problems, aspiration or heart attack. Local anesthesia also reduces the recovery time of the procedures.

Experienced Doctors

Many doctors offer liposuction as a service of their practice, as it does not require any special certification. This leaves patients unsure about the experience and skill of their chosen doctor and may result in an increased risk of complication. Finding a doctor you respect and trust is an essential part of receiving successful results from your cosmetic treatment. LaserSculpt doctors have previous liposuction experience and are specially trained by experienced laser lipolysis doctors. Many of the LaserSculpt doctors teach the procedure to other doctors. These physicians are the best of the best and have constant updating of their education and training. This provides a reassuring level of confidence in knowing that your doctor is one of best trained and experienced in successfully performing your procedure.

It is important to remember that despite the increased safety of the LaserSculpt procedure, there are still certain risks involved. Some of these risks include bruising, discomfort, burns, infection and blood clots. You can help minimize these risks even more by following your doctor's instructions before and after the procedure to ensure a quick and healthy recovery.


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